What is the hornpipe instrument?

If you love dancing, you will love the hornpipe instrument which can provide folk song and dance type music which is found in traditional Irish music. The music instrument, a wind instrument, is a predecessor of the clarinet. The single-reed pipe with a cow horn bell and finger holes much like a recorder. The name ‘hornpipe’ actually comes from the name of a musical instrument that once existed and that the accompanying dance was once performed by sailors. Bagpipes were developed from England’s hornpipe dating back thousands of years. In fact, the traditional hornpipe instrument has 1 or 2 internal bores with 1 or 2 idioglot single-reeds similar to the bagpipe drone reed. This is sometimes surrounded by a wood or horn cap sealed with the players’ lips. This rustic musical instrument made up of a wooden tube allows one side to collect the wind blown in and the other side to augment the sound. So, ready to dance to the tunes of a hornpipe?

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