Tin Whistle Ornamentation and Articulations

Tin whistle ornamentation is about rolls, slides, cuts and strikes. musicians add regional ornamentation to their music, and the Irish traditional music ornamentation is different from that of European classical music. Ornaments are changes in how a note is articulated. Some ornaments are easily defined, while other ornaments used by fiddle players, for instance, could be regarded as articulation. There are different ways to play different notes – slurring and tongue- for instance, and it’s these ways of playing notes which are called articulations. A roll, for instance, has 2 rolls – the long roll and short roll which is a group of 2 slurred notes of equal pitch. Fortunately, there are many tin whistle ornamentation tutorial videos which show you how to play the more complicated kinds of ornamentation. The roll, for example, will take a lot of practice to learn and tin whistlers will find these videos useful in getting the knack of how to play a roll on a tin whistle.

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