There is a technique to breathing when playing the whistle

Breathing when playing the whistle is really difficult and not many people are able to pull it off effectively. Ideally breathing should be as inconspicuous as possible as you play the whistle, but this is not attainable due to the simple reason that breathing is a natural act and we need to breathe so as to live. So how do you breathe and still make your breathing as inconspicuous as possible? Fortunately, there is a technique to breathing when playing the whistle that if mastered can have great results. You need to improve your breathing technique and make it as quiet as possible. To do this, you need to take slower breaths and take them more frequently so as to minimise the urge to take heavy and deep breathes as you play. Whistle’s could improve symptoms of asthma in children by opening up the airways in the throat for proper air circulation. You should, therefore, advise your asthmatic child to play the whistle more often.

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