About the site

Musical Whistles are what this blog is about, but it will also explore some of the other popular instruments used in folk music. Drums, Fiddles, flutes and bagpipes to name but a few. All over the world, there are a variety of unique instruments that depict that nation’s cultural musical heritage and here on the blog we want to take a look at them. Musical whistles, their history from Celtic roots to modern day, the making and using of these fun instruments are all open for discussion on the blog. Should whistles be handmade or is factory produced ok? For many only a unique whistle from a Master Whistlemaker is acceptable, let us know what you think. Pin whistles, penny whistles and all things whistle is what this site is about; training events, festivals and what type of wood your whistle is made from, will all be explored. Feel free to contribute to any of the posts but in a positive and respectful way, please.

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